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How to Connect Your Site to a Custom Domain Sites Setup

By default, all new Sites are set up on a subdomain of our site. So your career site domain will be something like While this is a perfectly functional solution, many companies prefer to have their career site on their own domain or another relevant domain for branding or search engine optimization purposes.

Fortunately, our system allows you to do just that. Here’s a breakdown of the options, with an explanation to follow below:

Domain Types


Client Domain:
Subdomain Examples: jobs. job. careers. staffing.

SEO Domain:
Contact your rep for more customized options

Full Domain:

Note: Your domain does not have to be .com. We can work with most common TLDs like .net, .edu, .org, .jobs, etc.

Client Domain (that’s you)

Since we’ve already covered the standard option (, let’s start with the second option: http://* This is actually our most popular domain setup, and the one we recommend. In this case, your Recruiting Site lives on a subdomain of your own corporate site. So if your domain is, your Recruiting Site would be at (or one of the other subdomain options).

As noted, this setup has some flexibility as far as the subdomain is concerned. You can use any of our preset options, like jobs., job., careers., staffing., or m. (more for mobile-only sites). Of those, jobs. is the most common choice.

You can also create your own combination, as long as it ends with “job” or “jobs”. So for example,, or are all okay. Essentially, we can do [anything], where [anything] can be anything you want.

SEO Domain

The next option down is to put your Recruiting Site on a subdomain of one of our SEO domains (i.e., or In this case, you get the benefit of one of our well-established, keyword-rich domain names to help boost the search engine performance of your jobs. You can peruse the full list of available domains in your account (look under Settings > Site).

Full Domain

The last option is to put your Recruiting Site on its own domain. The typical uses here are either, or In the first case, your Site basically acts as your company’s main website as well as your career site (we sometimes see this with staffing agencies). In the second case, you’ll probably have 2 domains, and This option allows for the most leeway when it comes to employment branding. Your Recruiting Site will reside on it’s own domain where it is free to live it’s own life.

As a side note, you should ensure that the non-www version of your site ( should redirect to the www version ( This avoids duplicate content issues with search engines and creates a more consistent user experience.

Client Domain Instructions

If you choose the Client Domain or Full Domain option, there will be some setup required on your end. Since we will be hosting your site, you will need to tell your system where to get it. This involves the creation of an ‘A record’ in your domain provider’s system that tells it that is coming from an IP address in our system. Instructions that you can share with your IT team follow. Once this is completed, you’ll be ready to start recruiting from your own domain!

Use your company's domain for your Site.

To successfully use the Site with your own domain, please update the DNS for the desired subdomain to point to our servers.

Create 1 'A record' with your domain host pointing to with the subdomain you'd like to use. (example:

Note: Prior to implementing this change, please ensure the new Site is ready to accept site traffic. You will see a screen with our locations if the site has not been configured to accept traffic. Please see your representative if this happens.

More Information on Domain Setup

'A Record': A records (also known as host records) are the central records of DNS. These records link a domain, or subdomain, to an IP address. Learn more about 'A Records'

301 Redirect: If you have more than one domain, choose which domain will be the master and 301 redirect all related domains to the master domain. Learn more about 301 Redirects.

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