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How the Job Scrape Works with Your ATS Sites Setup

If you’re using an external ATS to manage candidates, and you have a large volume of open requisitions or regularly changing openings, you may want to consider using a job feed or scrape. This will automate the process of posting positions from your ATS onto your career site. accepts job feeds from your ATS provider. However, in the case where a feed in not available, our team can use customized job scraping technology to automatically post the jobs from your ATS onto your career site.

What is job scraping?

The job scrape periodically crawls the job listings in your organization’s ATS, recreates the job listings, and then posts them as separate pages onto your career site. To put it more simply, job scraping is the process of copying the job listings within your ATS and posting them onto your career site.

How often a job scrape happens depends on your organization’s job posting frequency and needs. Although on average, a job scrape occurs twice a day.

So let’s say you posted a new job in your ATS. The next time a job scrape occurs, it would recognize this new job listing and add it to the list of jobs that appear on your career site. Here’s an example of how these job listings appear on your career site (the design for each career site varies):

Job Listings in the CRM

When career site visitors click on one of these job listings, they are directed to a job overview page. This page provides all of the job details, such as the job description, responsibilities, requirements, etc. Although these pages technically live in your ATS, the job scrape recreates the page and posts it within your career site. This means that when job seekers view these job overview pages, they can still stay on your career site instead of being redirected to your ATS.

Job seekers will only be directed to you ATS when the click the “Apply” button on the job overview page. This is where your candidates will complete the application process. The completed applications are submitted to your ATS.

The Benefits of Job Scraping

With’s job scraping software, companies that post jobs to their ATS aren’t required to also manually post jobs to their career sites. This saves our clients’ valuable time and simplifies the job posting process.

One Change, One Time
Because job scraping happens periodically, any changes or updates you make to the job postings within your ATS are automatically reflected on your career site when the next job scrape occurs. In other words, you only need to make changes and updates to your job postings one time and in a single place.

Search Engine Visibility
Applicant tracking systems are built with the recruiter and employer workflow in mind, so the typical ATS offers little or limited search visibility of your job pages for job seekers. The job scrape creates a new job page for each of your jobs, optimizing them for search engine visibility so that job seekers can easily discover them. This is possible because the URL and page structure for the job pages on your career site allow Google to easily interpret what the page is about and index it appropriately, which isn’t common with the URLs generated by the average ATS.

Here’s an example of how the job overview pages appear on a career site, compared to how they appear on an ATS (click to enlarge, and pay special attention to the URL and design differences):

Job page on sites vs. an ATS

Improved Candidate Experience
By scraping the jobs onto your career site, you provide an experience optimized not just for search engines, but also for your candidates. With easy job search and an engaging career site, your candidates are more likely to find the the right job. And because your career site gives them compelling reasons to apply, they are more likely to complete the application process on your ATS.


Q: Is’s job scraping software compatible with all application tracking systems?
A: Yes, we haven’t met an ATS that our technology couldn’t scrape yet! We're also happy to accept a jobs feed from your ATS.

Q: If I make changes to the jobs in my ATS, when will my career site reflect these changes?
A: The changes will be reflected on your career site as soon as the next scrape occurs, which is dependent on the frequency of your scrape.

Q: How does job scraping change where I post my jobs?
A: You would still post your jobs in your ATS as usual. If you show locations and categories in your jobs through your ATS, they will be mirrored on your career site.

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