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What You Need to Know About Premium Sourcing

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Premium Sourcing is a powerful tool that allows you to find the right prospective candidates based on the criteria you set during the search. Whether you are new to sourcing or a Boolean search expert, we want you to get the most out of Premium Sourcing. Here are some important things to remember as you search for your next great hire:

Case Insensitive

Premium Sourcing is not sensitive to upper or lower cases. For example, searching for “sales manager” and “Sales Manager” will give you the same results.

Results / Ranking / Priority

Results shown will give priority to the resumes/documents which have all the keywords that are included in the search. A search for “SQL Database Programmer” will first show results that include all three keywords.

In some cases, results that do not have all the keywords might still come up on top 5 or top 10 search results. This may occur where the keyword occurs in the headline of the resume or the objective of the resume and was given more weight and shown with higher rank.

Phrase Queries

You can search for an exact phrase by using quotes around the keywords that you want to search as a phrase. By using double quotes “ ” on the keywords you want to search, only those results which have this phrase will be returned. If you search “CDL Class A” will only show search results where that exact phrase is included in the resume/document.

Boolean Searches

Boolean searches allow you to combine words in a search. This can be done using AND OR NOT keywords (please use these keywords in CAPS). An example query - sales AND automobile - will show results which contain both the words anywhere in the resume. The resumes/documents which contain these two words as a phrase will be be given more weight and shown with a higher rank.

Filter Queries

Both Career Level and Education Level filters are calculated such that the lowest filter is the sum of all the other filters. This means that a person with a Masters Degree will also have bachelors and the rest of the degrees. The filter "Student" in Career Level is the sum of all the other filters. "All Levels" will include results where Candidates have not specified their Career Level as part of the application process (this is true of all uploaded resumes).

Location Box

The location box only allows you to select cities/regions which come up in the suggestion list. The list of possible locations to search is generated for your specific organization’s premium sourcing package. It will not show any cities/regions which is not currently included in your purchased package. For example, if you have purchased access to the Phoenix resume database, then the location box will suggest cities only from the Greater Phoenix metro area. If you believe the provided list of searchable locations is not correct, please contact a member of our team at 877-301-JOBS.

Search Features Not Supported

Currently we do not support the following two features, however both are in current development:

  • Search inside a word. When searching for "sales" the search results will not match the keyword "salesperson". We are working on including this feature.
  • Most special characters are ignored. If you have a specific case where you would like to search using special keywords, please contact a member of our team with your request or suggestion.

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