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Understanding User Access Levels in the CRM

Settings & Account Setup CRM offers several different user access levels in order to accommodate the varied roles and responsibilities that exist within our client organizations. What follows is a description of each level, along with typical uses of each so you can determine the appropriate settings for your recruiting team and hiring managers.

User Level Access in CRM


Administrators have full access to your company's account, including all jobs and groups, all candidates in the Talent Community, and Settings. The Administrator level is typically reserved for HR or company leadership. This allows a VP, HR Manager, or HR Generalist to maintain appropriate control over who has access to the system, and at what level. It is not uncommon, however, for Admins to be active users, posting jobs and reviewing candidates, as well. Your account can have multiple Administrators.

Extended Users

Extended User access is similar similar to administrators but without access to add or edit user accounts. The Extended User level is appropriate for most users in smaller organizations. In larger recruiting groups, it may be used by higher level recruiters or managers who control the creation of job requisitions. Recruiters who plan to use the Talent Community or other sourcing features will need to be Extended Users (or Admininistrators).


Users can post/edit/expire jobs, add/edit notes, and update applicant statuses, but cannot change any Settings except for their own account information. They can only see jobs where they are the posting admin, and do not have access to Talent Community search or Groups. This level comes in handy in situations where different departments or locations each manage their own hiring and may compete for talent. The restrictions on this level prevent hiring managers or others from viewing or contacting candidates who applied to positions in other areas. The 'User' level can make the system more efficient for some recruiters and hiring managers, since they will see only their jobs and won't need to sort through all the other jobs in the system.


This level allows the user to view resumes sent through Resumes-by-Email. The Resumes-by-Email agent must be set up by a higher level user in the organization. The Basic level is often used for hiring managers or other people in the organization who need to be able to review applicants, but do not need access to the CRM.

No Access

No Access users are added to the directory for tracking purposes but cannot log in.

A Typical Use Case

One of our clients is a business with several locations and multiple Department Managers who act as hiring managers for their respective locations. In this case, the VP of HR has admin access to the system and creates all the user accounts. An HR Generalist manages the overall system on a day-to-day basis as an Extended User. In this case, the Department Managers are Users. The HR Generalist manages and posts most of the jobs in the system, making each Department Manager the posting admin for the jobs in their location so they can manage the applicants for their positions.

Changing Access Levels

If you would like to edit the access level of your users, read How to Add & Edit Users.

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