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How To Use Groups

Talent Community

The CRM equips you with the tools to organize candidates into meaningful segments, so you can easily access the appropriate group(s) of relevant candidates and fill open requisitions quickly.

To access Groups in the CRM:

From your Dashboard, go to Talent Community and click the icon labeled Groups, which is located toward the top center of the page.

Groups tab in the CRM

Here you can add, edit and manage your Groups.

To create a new Group:

From the Groups page, find and click New Group.

Add group to CRM

Choose the appropriate title for your group. Most clients choose to segment their candidates by:

  • Geography
  • Skill set
  • Position
  • Recruiter managing the requisition or function
  • Any criteria that makes sense for your recruiting strategy or process

Choose your Group Admins by typing in the name of the recruiter(s) you wish to manage the Group.

Add new group to CRM

Check the box next to “Public” if you want to allow candidates to add themselves to that group through the Candidate Widget (if you have it embedded on your site). Otherwise, your Group will be exclusively viewable to you and your fellow recruiters within the CRM.

Groups in Talent Community

Click Save.

To manage your Groups:

From the Groups page, hover over a Group of choice.

Edit Group in CRM

Under the column labeled Actions, find the corresponding icons to edit or delete the Group.

To add candidates to your Groups:

There are multiple ways to add candidates to your Groups. You can either use the "Add a Candidate" form on your Dashboard, select candidates to group from your Talent Community view, or add candidates while on their profile page.
Add candidates to Groups from the "Add a Candidate" Form:

From your Dashboard, find and click “Add a Candidate” toward the center of the page.

Add a candidate CRM

Fill out the required information.

Select the drop down menu labeled “Groups” to organize the candidate into the Group of your choice.

Select a group for CRM candidate

Click Add.

Add candidates into Groups via your Talent Community:

Once you are in the Talent Community, check the box next to the candidate(s) you wish to add, and click Save to Group.

Save candidates to group in CRM

Choose the Group you wish to add the candidate(s) to or Create a New Group by entering the group name and selecting + Create.

Add candidates to groups in CRM

Click Add.

Add candidates to Groups from their candidate profile page:

You can also add candidates to Groups by accessing their individual candidate profiles.

Simply click their name to access the candidate profile (you can do this from the Dashboard or Talent Community)

Click the "Add To Group" button in the lefthand side underneath the candidate's name.

Candidate group button on CRM

Choose the Group you wish to add the candidate to or Create a New Group by entering a group name and selecting + Create.

Click Add.

To learn more about Groups and how to effectively use them, call 866.456.2464 to chat with a representative.

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