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How to Review Candidates Who Have Applied to Your Jobs

Candidate Management

To review candidates who have applied to a particular job, navigate to the Jobs section, find the job you’d like to review, and click the number in the Candidates column. You can also get to the same list by clicking on the job title and then clicking “View List” in the upper left corner of the job page, next to the candidate count.

Candidate Column

You will now see the Candidates list page, which lists all of the candidates who have applied for that particular job. If you want to sort the list or change the number of candidates listed per page, use the drop-down menus on the top right hand side.

Candidate Page

Reviewing a Candidate

To review a candidate’s application, click on his or her name. At the top of the candidate page, you will see a section titled “Application for: [Your Job Title]”.

Top of Candidate Page

In this area, you may:

  • Set a Priority level for the candidate (Hot, Warm, Cold, Rejected, Undetermined).
  • Set a Status of where this candidate is in the recruitment process.
  • Set the candidate’s OFCCP status (if your account has OFCCP enabled).
  • Add a note about the candidate (and view any existing notes).

On the left hand side of the candidate page, you will see the candidate’s name, contact information, and various actions.

Candidate Actions

These actions include:

  • Send Message: Write a customized email to the candidate, or send a templated message you’ve previously created like an acceptance/rejection letter.
  • Share Candidate: Email the candidate to other team members and include an optional message.
  • Add To Group: Add the candidate to new or previously created Groups.
  • Mark as Spam: Report spam candidates to remove them for your Talent Community.

Clicking “+ More Actions” will expand that menu and allow you to:

  • Print Profile: Print the candidate’s resume and timeline.
  • Add Note: Write and save a note that is visible only to recruiters and hiring managers in your company who have access to the CRM. Notes will appear under Notes in the Details section of the candidate’s profile, and will be added as events on the Timeline section (see below).
  • Edit Candidate: Edit candidate information such as phone number, email, social links, status, tags, salary, etc.
  • Search on Google: View search results for the candidate’s name on LinkedIn.
  • Find on LinkedIn: View search results for the candidate’s name on LinkedIn.
  • Find on Facebook: View search results for the candidate’s name on Facebook.

Quickly Reviewing Multiple Candidates

To quickly review and move through candidates, use the paging buttons in the upper right corner of the webpage to navigate to the next candidate profile.

Paging Arrows

Clicking the right arrow will take you to the next candidate in the list, and the left arrow will take you to the previous candidate. Clicking the text in the center will return you to the list or search results page you started from.

Candidate Views

You can access additional candidate information by clicking on the tabs marked Resume, Details, and Timeline at the top of the candidate page:

Candidate Views

  • The Resume view shows the candidate’s profile information (if any), as well as their most recent resume. This is generally the default candidate view.
  • Clicking Details will display a list with the candidate’s applications, resumes, groups, notes, and any files that have been attached to the candidate’s records. You may add any of these items from this page by clicking the “+” icons.
  • The Timeline view shows a list of all of the activities and actions relating to the candidate, including their applications, messages, notes, ratings, status changes, etc., as well as who has viewed the candidate internally. The list can be filtered by recruiter or activity type.

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