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How to Post a Confidential Job

Job Posting & Management

Confidential Jobs protect the identity of the posting company, but still get the same exposure on the Ad Network as a regular job posting.

To make a Job confidential, select "Confidential Job" from the New Jobs dropdown menu.

Confidential Job

You can also create or edit a job posting as you normally would and simply check the box for “Post Job Confidentially” which is at the top of the job creation/editing form in the “Description” section.

Post Job Confidentially

For Confidential Jobs:

  • The exact company location is hidden from job seekers.
  • The zip code is used to help job seekers determine if they are willing to take a job near the location.
  • All company information is hidden from job seekers.
  • You will be the only person who can see this job in the management system.
  • Please be sure to remove your company name from job descriptions and the auto-response text. (Our system will perform a check for your company name and alert you if it finds anything, but it is always a good idea to double check, just in case.)

For more info on the fields on Job posting page, see Posting a Job.

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