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How to Add Prescreen Questions to a Job

Job Posting & Management

Prescreen Questions allow you to find out more information about job seekers before the interview.

You can use Prescreen Questions to test written communication skills, check for other skills and abilities and even see if the job seeker will be a cultural fit within your organization. Prescreen questions can help refine the types of applicants that are applying to your posting and save you time by allowing you to review more targeted resumes.

Prescreen Questions are available in the following formats:

  • Yes/No
  • Text Entry (allows longer written responses)
  • Multiple Choice

Adding Prescreen Questions to a Job:

To enable Prescreen Questions for a job, first log into the CRM and select Menu in the top left. In the Menu, click on Jobs.

Jobs in the Main Menu

If you are adding Prescreen Questions to a job that already exists, hover over the Actions section for Job Posting you wish to add Prescreen Questions to and select the pen icon to edit it.

Edit Job Posting

If you are creating a new Job Posting that you would like to add Prescreen Questions to, select New... on the top of the page to trigger the drop down menu. Select Job.

New JobIf you are posting a new job, fill out the Description, Details, Alerts and Advertise sections of the Job Posting. For more details and tips on this, read How to Post a Job.

In the Applications section of the Job Posting form, check the box next to “Prescreen Candidates with Questions”:

Prescreen Applications

When Prescreen is checked, a new section of the form labeled “Prescreen” will appear lower down the page:

Prescreen Questions

Creating Prescreen Questions

In the Prescreen section, you can create up to five different questions. If you need fewer than five questions, simply leave unused questions blank (they will not appear with the application).

  1. To create a Prescreen Question, first select the relevant question format (yes/no, text entry, multiple choice).
  2. In the Question field, type each question as you would like it to appear to job seekers.
  3. If Multiple Choice, type up to four response options.Multiple Choice
  4. Select the desired response for multiple choice questions. Doing so allows the system to score resumes and help you prioritize which ones to review first.
  5. Once all questions have been entered, click the green Next button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Review your resume in the next screen and then select the green Finish button.

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