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How to Add & Edit Users

Settings & Account Setup

The Users page in Settings allows you to manage (add and edit) all the recruiters and hiring managers for your organization. In order to post jobs, you must have at least one recruiter/hiring manager entered. You can enter as many recruiters as you like.

To get started, first log into the CRM and click on Menu in the top left corner. Then go to Settings, and click on Users. Note: Only Administrators can add or edit other users. Most users can edit their personal information and account settings (there's more information on User Levels below.)

User Settings

To add a new user, click the "+ New User" button above the blue bar.

New User

Then, complete the new user form that appears.

User Information

User Information

The first set of fields includes basic contact information. Most of the fields are pretty standard (First and Last Name, Phone, etc.) but a couple of them need an explanation:

Email: The email address entered in this field is where the user will receive new resumes from candidates.

Password: The Administrator will need to set the initial password. You must use a combination of letters and numbers in order for your password to be accepted. The user can update his or her password later.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications

New Messages: If you messaged any candidates through the CRM, checking Yes on this option will forward any responses from candidates to your email. If you check No, you will need to check the CRM to see if candidates replied.

Posting Expiration: If you check Yes, you will be emailed when your job posting expires. If you check No, you will not be alerted via email.

New Applications: If you check Yes, you will be emailed when new candidates apply to your job postings. If you check No, you will need to log into the CRM to see if you’ve received any new candidates.



HTML Emails: This should be decided by the user, depending on his/her email system and what they choose to receive. The default option is Yes. If marked as No, then simple text messages will be sent.

Show My Email on Jobs: This is typically always checked as No. (Note: We do not want to provide job seekers direct email contact with the recruiter/hiring manager unless the user requests it. This helps reduce the amount of unnecessary mail to your inbox.)

Admin Settings

Admin Settings

Active User: Leave the box next to Active User checked. (Note: If the user leaves the company in the future, you may edit and uncheck the box to deactivate the user.)

Access Level: Here, you will choose the access level that best fits the user:

  • Administrator: Users at this level have full access to your company's account, including all jobs, the Talent Community, and Settings.
  • Extended User: Access is the same as administrators, but users cannot add or edit user accounts.
  • User: Users at this level can post, edit and expire jobs, add/edit notes, and update candidate statuses, but they cannot change any settings except for their own account info. Users at this level can only see jobs in which they posted, and they do not have access to Talent Community search.
  • Basic: Users at this level can view resumes sent through Resumes-by-Email. The Resumes-by-Email agent must be set up by a higher level user in the organization.
  • No Access: This option adds the user to the directory for tracking purposes but will afford no access privileges.

The last field you will need to complete is the Location field. In the dropdown menu, select the company location that the user is associated with. Selecting a location will allow resumes for that location to be directed to that user.

When finished, click the blue Save User Account button at the bottom of the page.

How to Edit an Existing User

To edit an existing user, click on their name in the Users list. You may then make updates to any of the user's account fields, including their access level. When finished, click the blue Save User Account button at the bottom of the page.

Editing User Account

To remove a user's access, simply deselect the Active User selection in the Admin Settings. The user will then no longer have access to the CRM.

Deactivate a User

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