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How to Access EEO-1 Reporting & Tracking

Advanced CRM

EEO-1 Compliance reporting can be accessed in two ways:

Individual EEO-1 Report

An Individual EEO-1 Report is available for each job in the system. To access this report:

1. Log into the CRM.
2. Navigate to the Jobs page.

Jobs Tab

3. Click on the individual job posting on the Jobs page.

4. Select View EEO-1 Report on the left side above the job description section.


Overall EEO Report

An Overall EEO Report for all your jobs is available in the Analytics area of the system. To access this report:

1. Log into the CRM.

2. Go to the Analytics page.

Analytics Page

3. Click on the View EEO Report button in the middle of the page.

View EEO Report Analytics

4. Define your date range and click Submit.

EEO Date Range

Here's an example of the report you will see:

EEO Report

Count Summary

For clients with OFCCP tools enabled, there will be a link to view OFCCP information from this report.

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