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How to Accept Applications through Systems

Job Posting & Management

Use Custom Response instructions when you do not want candidates to submit resumes through the system.

You may enter directions that inform candidates how to apply for positions. You might also include links to your corporate website or a direct link to a downloadable application. By selecting Custom Response, resumes will not be stored on

To Activate Custom Response for a Job Posting:

ATS Applications

  • In the current posting, find the section of the form labeled “Applications”.
  • At the top of that section, click on “Send to ATS / External Link / File” to select that option. Once selected, you will see 3 fields:
  1. Application Instructions
  2. Application Web Address
  3. Application Link Text
  • In the optional Application Instructions field you can provide special instructions for the job seeker (Example: Click Apply below to apply for this position directly at
  • In the Application Web Address field, input the URL to the website, form, or application the job seeker must complete (Example:
  • In the Application Link Text field, enter the text you’d like job seekers to see on your job posting’s application button (Example: Apply Online - Click Here).

Setting default application instructions for Custom Response

If you are going to use Custom Response on all or most of your job postings you can set up a default Custom Response by going to Settings, and selecting Custom Response. Fill out that form in the same way that you would for an individual job posting. Once that is saved, it will become the default option for all future job posts. You will be able to customize it or turn it off for individual job posts. More detailed information is available here.

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