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The Extended Reach of Your Postings


When someone posts to or uses one of our career sites to post positions, they’re gaining visibility across multiple ad networks—including and our network of niche sites, as well as key job aggregators like Indeed. This helps boost exposure to your job listings, increasing candidate traffic and applications.

What’s a Job Aggregator?

Job aggregator sites like and are vertical search engines. Like Google, they scour the web for content and make it searchable. Unlike Google, which indexes all kinds of content, these sites only index jobs.

That’s why they’re called vertical search engines—they only provide results in one “vertical.” In this case, it’s jobs (other common vertical search areas are hotels, flights, consumer products, images, videos, etc.).

How Do They Work?

  1. An aggregator site goes out to the web and finds jobs. Alternatively, it could get jobs directly from other job boards, employers, or an applicant tracking system (ATS).
    By posting to or using a career site, your jobs will automatically be included on the most popular job aggregators. There is no fee for inclusion, although you may pay to sponsor your jobs and give them priority placement in search results.
  2. The site indexes the text of the jobs into the search engine.
  3. When a job seeker comes to the site and performs a keyword/location search, a list of the best matching results are returned.
  4. When a job seeker clicks on a job, it sends them to the actual job listing page (usually on the employer’s career site, or on our job board).

Like Google, job aggregator sites don’t host much content themselves, they merely link to the jobs wherever they are on the web. It’s also good to know that many other job boards (not just sites like Indeed) aggregate jobs from the internet and from corporate career sites.

Take Advantage of Both

To double your value, leverage regional traffic and get access to a robust user base, post your jobs on Not only will you gain visibility to our hundreds of thousands of job seekers, you’ll also get access to key job aggregators like and

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