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Advanced CRM CRM gives you the data that you need to better understand your candidates, the drivers of your Talent Community and the traffic to your Site (if applicable). This information allows you to understand the results of your recruiting efforts, the impact of specific campaigns, and to determine an ROI on your recruiting initiatives.

Talent Community

Growth Over Time: The total number of candidates in your Talent Community at the end of each day. This chart will continually grow as more candidates are added through applications, Talent Community widgets, imports, or manual entry.


Location: The locations of your candidates by city. Only the top 5 locations are displayed.

Category: The job types selected by your candidates in their profiles on the Ad Network. Each candidate may select up to 3 job types. Top 5 are shown.

Source: The domain that the candidate was on when they submitted their resume to your company. Career Site is your site. If you add resumes to the system, it will appear as Manual Import.

Candidates by Day: Number of new candidates you received from all trackable sources, charted by day. Candidates are only counted once even if they apply to multiple positions.


Mobile Device: The percentage of your Career Site visitors using a mobile device (Yes) or a desktop computer (No). Based on browser and operating system information.

Visitor Came From: The referring traffic sources for your Career Site. A referral is counted if a user clicks a link which then loads a page on your Career Site (and they are not already on your Career Site). Clicks that do not include any referrer data (because there was none as from a bookmark or URL type in or because it was lost/not reported) are counted as Direct. Note: This report does not include traffic to your profile.

Domain: Shows the division of traffic between your Career Site and any Ad Network domains that your company’s profile or jobs might appear on. For example,if you have jobs posted on your Career Site and on, this chart will show you what percent of visits each site accounted for.

Visits: Number of times your Career Site was visited during each day. Visits are only counted once for each unique visitor per day (i.e. someone who returns to the site multiple times in one day will be reported as 1 visit).


Job Views by Day: Page views on your all job pages, including your Career Site and any jobs on our Ad Network, by day.


Share by Day: Number of times your job or other employment content was shared via social media and email sharing buttons per day.

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